Songs Of Praise Young Choir Of The Year

Delighted to join Ken Burton and Ben Crawley as a judge on the first stage of the Young Choir of the Year competition for Songs Of Praise. Best of luck to the ten choirs who are progressing to the live...

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Classics From Scratch Ep #003 – SUMMER

A listening adventure in Classical music! Classics from Scratch brings you the music you know and love, the music you love even though you don't know what it is, and music you've never even heard of before. Classics from Scratch, Fridays at 3:00 pm on Secklow 105.5. read more

New Musicianship YouTube Series

NYCGB is developing a series of YouTube videos to complement and enhance the musicianship taught as part of their residential courses, which run in Easter and Summer of each year. These videos cover all the basic music theory from notation to keys, types of scale and...

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Hey! Remember All The Old Sibelius Start Up Music?!

It was a feature of school music for many of us, and for some it's an ongoing part of our professional lives. The flourishes of Sibelius symphonies which start our music-making sessions give us something to aim for. Thanks Sibelius. Each startup snippet is taken from...

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