An excellent use for blank stave tape – à la 4’33”

I have just been sitting on a train from London to Manchester (that’s over two hours) with a young child whose new favourite song was ‘Let It Go’, from the Disney Movie, ‘Frozen’.

It’s another great example of how the classic four-chord progression can be endlessly adapted to churn out hit after hit; for some reason that combination of I, V, vi, IV has exactly the right amount of tension and resolution within its simple pattern to keep us hooked interminably. There must be a thesis on it somewhere, and whoever wrote it must have some very frustrated neighbours.

The four chord progression  I, V, vi, IV is pure crack for the human ear. We just can’t get enough of it. The rock band ‘Axis of Awesome’ has created a great medley of popular songs which use this progression and slams the point home with the subtlety of a flying brick.

The mother must have eternal patience because I have heard this song six times in a row already and is showing no signs of letting up. I may have to move.